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Students, staff recognize Friday the 13th superstitions

Students, staff recognize Friday the 13th superstitions

     Although it’s not known exactly where the idea of Friday the 13th being unlucky originated, it’s believed some of the negative connotations associated with this date come from the Christian Bible. For example, multiple unfortunate events took place on a Friday and Judas was the 13th person at the Last Supper. There’s also the general notion that the number 13 is unlucky because it comes after 12, a number that’s viewed as ‘complete.’ (There’s 12 months in year, 12 inches in a foot, etc.) If it really is that cursed, we’re lucky this year. In 2023, there’s only one Friday the 13th, which happens to be this week for our Blackout pep rally. 

     To understand how Friday the 13th was viewed in our school, the Cat’s Tale sent out a survey asking students and staff about their superstitions around the day. Out of the those who were surveyed, 42 said they did not hold any beliefs about the day and 21 did.

     Students and staff revealed many unique rituals and fears surrounding Friday the 13th.  Freshman Kaitlynne Williamson simply said she believes “there are more paranormal things that happen on Friday the 13th.” 

     Some sophomores, however, had more specific stigmas. Alisha Stone maintains “people who disappear during Friday the 13th don’t age, and that they come back just how they left.” Santiago Valenzuela’s superstition is less intense than this, as he states that “any relationship started on Friday the 13th is doomed.” 

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    Junior Mason Apel claims the curse can be easily avoided, but “if you don’t watch scary movies [on the day] then you’ll have bad luck for a week.” 

     Seniors were the most ‘stitious class of all, with multiple students who hold beliefs about the date. Chloe Westbrook, for example, said “I believe Jesus will come back on a Friday the 13th. It’s the perfect day for the world to end.” Tatum Oatman said she believes the bad luck can be circumvented, but “if you do something out of the ordinary, it will go bad. For example, if you get a haircut it will end horribly.”

     Senior Annabell Gilmour explained her eccentric beliefs surrounding these superstitions. She said “at [her] house anything viewed as bad luck by others is considered good luck.” She said this is because her family refocuses the energy spent towards fearing unlucky situations into good. According to Gilmour this not only includes Friday the 13th superstitions, but also others like black cats, mirrors breaking, walking under ladders, opening umbrellas inside, knocking on wood, throwing salt over her shoulder if spilled, and more. One specific to her family is when you walk through a doorway all negative feelings are left on the other side. 

     Students, however, were not the only people at CHS who mark Friday the 13th on their calendars. Multiple teachers held loose generalizations about the day, with Coach Mayhew stating “I’m not superstitious, I’m just a little ‘stitious.” Mrs. White, however, issues a warning: “Watch out for people who are superstitious on Friday the 13th.” 

     Mrs. Quisenberry discussed how her beliefs about Friday the 13th evolved over time, explaining that “when [she] was younger, I definitely freaked out thinking something bad would happen during that day at some point.” She even said it was likely things would go wrong more frequently on the date, but she eventually “realized I was likely causing them to happen by pouring negative energy into my day from the morning on”, affirming the belief shared by multiple students that the day is what you make it.

     It’s clear at least some students and staff at CHS will be watching their backs this week leading up to the Blackout pep rally. Whether you believe Friday the 13th superstitions or not, we can assure you this Friday will be ‘spooktacular’. 

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