WTHS UIL Invitational Results


Xander Gasparlin and Kathia Aragon

            On Saturday, January 21, 43 CHS students competed in a UIL invitational hosted at WTHS in Stinnett.

            In Number Sense, CHS placed second as a team consisting of Laney Hood, Sam Kendall, Tate Wilhelm, Brianna Antillon, Jessa Bell, Iris Mondragon, Carlos Sanchez, and Brenner Hawkins. Individual placings include Laney Hood in second, Sam Kendall in sixth, and Tate Wilhelm in seventh. In Calculator, CHS placed third as a team of Laney Hood, Kelsey Dockray, Kenzie Flowers, Brianna Antillon, and Iris Mondragon, with Laney Hood placing first individually. In Mathematics, CHS placed first as a team including Laney Hood, Sam Kendall, Jaxtyn Valenzuela, Iris Mondragon, and Brianna Antillon. Individual placings include Laney Hood in third, Sam Kendall in fifth, and Jaxtyn Valenzuela in tenth.
In Computer Science, CHS placed first overall with Tate Wilhelm, Cole Walser, Laney Hood, and Diego Lugo as a team. Individual winners include Tate Wilhelm in first, Laney Hood in second, Cole Walser in third, and Diego Lugo in eighth. In Science, CHS landed in first place as a team including Laney Hood, Everett Cook, Tate Wilhelm, Kelsey Dockray, Lucas Moreno, and Brianna Antillon. Individuals who placed were Laney Hood in first and Everett Cook in third.

            In Accounting, CHS placed second overall with a team comprised of Will Fry, Anderson Perkins, Carlos Sanchez, and Miranda Nunez. Individual placings include Will Fry in first, Anderson Perkins in fifth, and Carlos Sanchez in eleventh. In Current Events, CHS placed second overall with Ben Bryant, Pacer Quisenberry, and Anderson Perkins on the team and Ben Bryant placed third. In Social Studies, CHS placed third as a team of Ben Bryant, Max Dumbauld, and Lucas Moreno with Ben Bryant placing fifth as an individual.

            In News Writing, individuals Kathia Aragon and Ben Byrant placed fourth and fifth, respectively. For Editorial, our individual winners are Karla Blanco placing first and Pacer Quisenberry placing sixth. In Feature Writing, Kenzie English placed fourth, Presley Harper placed fifth, and Pacer Quisenberry placed sixth. In Headline Writing, Xander Gasparlin placed first as an individual. Lastly in Copy Editing, Kenzie English placed sixth as an individual.