FFA Builds a Truck

          “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” -Thomas Jefferson

This year a CHS FFA class has taken on a big red challenge: Building a truck for the Locust Grove fire department.

AG teacher, Brandon Meier is the fire chief at Darousett and knowing that Locust Grove was building a fire truck, asked if Canadian FFA could build it. Typically to build projects like this it would take multiple classes, and even then, kids would have had to stay after school, but only one of Meier’s classes was working on the project.

“So all we are doing to the truck is mounting the 500 gallon water tank, plumbing the water pump and nozzle, and wiring in the tank sensors and warning lights,” Meier said.

The class currently has the tank and fuel tank mounted, but had to come to a stop due to pumps being cross threaded; they are waiting for a new pump housing from Houston.

“I am trying to get as much [parts] local as possible to support local businesses, but a lot of the parts I have had to order online. Any metal I need for projects I get from Woodward Steel in Woodward, Oklahoma,” Meier said.

Building the project is solely Meier and his students, and they have more projects on the way. The group have built several racks to store metal on for the class, as well as in the AG truck, and they will paint the projects later in the spring when it’s nicer and the shop work dies down.

“I am trying to start a good efficient AG Mechanics program here at Canadian,” Meier said. “I love AG Mechanics because it involves all the students and teaches them life skills they can use forever.”