Track Causes Cancellation of Canadian Invitationals


Xander Gasparlin

Late in the football season this year, it was discovered that veins were appearing on the front stretch of track at Wildcat Stadium, making most of the lanes unavailable to use. Speaking with coach Morgan Brady, he stated that after “speaking with professionals we believe it has been from water but [we] will not know until they tear up the areas to see the damage”. The board of administration is working to resolve this issue, looking to have work done in late May going into the summer.

The damages have affected our district by forcing the CHS/CMS invitational to be canceled. Practices should continue as normal as there is no workaround, just being careful to not encounter the affected areas. Resurfacing of the track will be held off until after the CES/BES meets so those don’t have to be cancelled as well. “The track is almost double the time of a usual resurface so it is way past due,” said Brady.