Clara Pulliam awarded prestigious McKnight Scholarship


Will Fry

Clara Pulliam was awarded the McKnight Scholarship last Friday, December 2nd, granting her a full waiver of out of state tuition and $10,000 dollars for her first two years at Oklahoma State University. The McKnight scholarship is only given out to 35 students internationally, with OSU looking for new students that posses leadership skills and the drive to pursue their passions.

Clara was able to obtain this scholarship by having 4 nominations and demonstrating her achievements and examples of leadership. She plans on using this opportunity to further explore her interests in Business and Marketing  “I am excited to figure out what the future holds, for me and my career,” Pulliam said.

Clara has grown to appreciate OSU’s campus and lifestyle, she likes the culture and classes available on campus. “The first thing that made me want to go to OSU was a class that teaches you how to make the perfect cup of coffee,” Pulliam said, “I also learned I could be a DJ or reenact the Salem Witch Trials.”

She will miss her time at CHS but she is ultimately ready to begin this new chapter in her life and is grateful for the scholarship. For final parting words, Pulliam said,  “CHS taught me to walk so OSU could teach me to run.