Santa Clause is Coming…..Too Soon

Every year on November 1st, thousands, if not millions, across America hoist up their Christmas trees and start blasting All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, while others insist that it is far too early for Christmas festivities and that everything should wait until at least Thanksgiving. And they’re right. Christmas decorations and tunes have no place in the world before we eat our turkey and stuffing.

Firstly, playing the same twelve songs over and over for a month is enough to drive any sane person crazy, but two?! Now that’s unacceptable. For example, anyone who works a retail job (which is about 10% of the U.S. population) has to sit through hours of Silent Night and Michael Bublé throughout their already-strenuous job for weeks on end without any glimpse of relief.

Additionally, it can make it more difficult to keep track of time passing. Although it’s been nearly three years since Covid first started sweeping the globe, its lasting effects are not to be taken lightly. For many, quarantine and the lack of structure during that time made it challenging to keep up with what day, week, or even what month it was. Those struggles still persevere for some, and Christmas at the beginning of November is not doing them any favors.

In the midst of all that calendar confusion, Thanksgiving can get left behind. The fourth Thursday of every November is a wonderful time to appreciate the privileges and the people we have in our lives, reconnect with family, and gourge ourselves on ridiculous amounts of food that we would not normally consume. Although it is a very important holiday, it often gets trampled by the Christmas cavalcade of songs, bright lights, and mistletoe that continues incessantly until Christmas and beyond.

All things said and done, all that Christmas cheer that people have been storing up since last year can wait another month.